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Interior Decorative Concrete Design

Let Blue Fox Surfaces transform your interior spaces.

At Blue Fox Surfaces, we bring natural beauty to life indoors with our custom decorative concrete fabrication services. Our skilled artisans use a unique combination of mixed and formed concrete to create stunning interior features. Be sure to check out our exterior installations & concrete décor, too..

Unlimited interior custom decorative concrete fabrication ideas:

Room Dividing Walls

Maximize your living space and privacy with versatile decorative custom formed concrete room dividing walls, customizable to fit your needs.


Impress your guests with an artistically designed and crafted formed concrete bar, perfect for residential and commercial settings.


Elevate your dining experience with an exquisite decorative custom formed concrete table, available in various shapes, sizes, and designs.


Create a warm and inviting ambiance in your living space with our decorative custom formed concrete fireplace mantles, available in nearly any style.


Add a cozy and intimate feel to your living space with our stylish decorative custom formed concrete fireplaces, built to last.

Floor Overlays

Transform your floors into a work of art with a durable concrete overlay, perfect for residential and commercial spaces alike.

Wall Façades

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property’s interior with a beautifully crafted decorative concrete wall façade.

Seat Walls

Elevate the seating experience of your property with a durable and elegant decorative formed concrete seat wall.

Wine Cellars

Store your wine collection in style with our bespoke custom formed concrete wine cellars, designed to impress.

Stone Sculptures

Add a touch of luxury to your property with our striking decorative custom formed concrete stone sculptures, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Endless Creative Decorative Features

From museums and man caves to restaurants and wine storage, there is no limit to the creative application of custom formed concrete in your space. 

Our Projects

Transforming Residential and Commercial Spaces

Our custom decorative concrete fabrication services are perfect for residential homes, commercial buildings and business owners who want to create unique and visually stunning environments for guests and customers. 

A covered outdoor entertaining space featuring a custom decorative concrete fireplace, hearth and mantle
Custom residential floor overlay made with decorative concrete meant to mimic the look of wood.

Unique and Durable Products

What sets our products apart from other similar services is our ability to mimic the look of natural stone with our on-site fabrication process. We can create custom concrete finishes and features in places and at a scale that would be impossible with natural stone. Our products are more durable than stone, thanks to the fiber mixed into their construction. The design possibilities are endless, and the results are one-of-a-kind.

Completely Customizable Products and Services

Our products and services are completely customizable to the client’s design specifications and work in their unique space. Whether it’s a wine cellar, a man cave, an indoor mountain, or any other creative idea, we have the expertise and skill to bring your vision to life.

An interior residential decorative concrete wall façade featuring a fireplace, hearth and mantle with furniture.
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If you’re looking for high-quality, luxury decorative concrete finishes and features for your home or business, look no further than Blue Fox Surfaces. Contact us today to discuss your project and let us bring natural beauty to life in your unique space.

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